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Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

In order for us to display the page to you in a personalized and interactive manner, we need to store certain information about how you use our website. These are done using small text files called cookies.

Cookies are small files that are downloaded from a web server to the computer or other device you use. Your web browser then returns these cookies to the website each time you visit it, recognizing and remembering your settings (such as user preferences).

For more information about cookies and how they work, see page.

When you visit our website, the site constantly collects data through cookies and other means. By using this website, you agree that the website uses cookies in accordance with these policies.

Handling cookies

Browser settings

Most browsers allow you to see which cookies are active on your computer, delete them one by one, and disable cookies for a specific page or all web pages. Please note that if you delete all cookies, the settings previously made on the website will be lost, even if you have previously indicated that you allow the use of cookies, as this will require the use of a different type of cookie. For more information about how to disable cookies by changing your browser settings, visit and the address.

Manage cookies for analytical purposes (Google Analytics)

You may choose to disable analytics cookies for anonymous browsing at any time. Our website uses cookies from the following providers; Click on the appropriate link for more information on how to disable these cookies:

Google Analytics:

Local shared objects, also known as flash cookies

Local shared objects, i.e. flash cookies, are similar to browser cookies, except that they are suitable for storing other types of data. The settings for these types of cookies cannot be changed as described above. We use these types of cookies to store user preferences for video players on certain parts of our website, so some video content may not be viewable without their use.

Community buttons

Our website also uses so-called "community buttons" that allow our visitors to share or bookmark a particular page. These links point to social media independent of us, which may collect information about your browsing activity on the Internet, including this website. For more information about how these websites use information about you, or to disable or delete such information, please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the affected sites.

External web services

We occasionally display various content on our pages through external web services. For example, you need to display different pictures, videos, and polls. Like the community buttons, we have no control over what information these websites or external domains collect about how you use this embedded content.

We may amend or supplement these Cookies at any time in our sole discretion. Please check regularly for changes to this Cookie Policy so that you can stay informed about how we protect your privacy.

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