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Dancetination is a flexibly changing project that has been set up to prove to everyone in every way that dance, whether viewed or performed. Its members are defined by the given project and the common goal is to bring the art of dance to as many people as possible.
The Dancetination Dance
Space teaches the arts of dance and movement with these principles in mind . The goal is to love dance and get to know ourselves and our abilities as deeply as possible, to adapt the skills learned through dance to other areas of life, and to nurture talent.



The dance school, where dance is for everyone

Our dance schools aim is to bring dance to everyone, give the love of arts to everyone and to give the endless adventeges of learning dance to all of our students.

Performances, Flashmobs, House show, Hikes, Camps

Graduate Art Teachers, Twelve years long method, Community


  • Classical Ballet,

  • Acrobatics,

  • Jazz, modern techniques,

  • Tap dance,

  • Props and character dances 

  • At our Autumn and Spring courses our students can also learn drama, dance history and circus arts.


“Talent just defines what you do...It doesn't define what you are. Deep down, I mean. When you know what you are, you can do anything”

Terry Pratchet

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