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Dancetination Dance Workshop launches STAGE DANCER TRAINING.

The aim of the training is to train and employ dancers who:

  • they had already studied somewhere but could not yet find a job

  • they need weekly practice but also free time

  • they chose a civic occupation but would dance next to it

  • they need more knowledge to move on


Location: VI. district Eötvös street 10.
Training is 90 minutes twice a week. (Tuesday and Friday 19.00-20.30) The curriculum includes classical ballet practice, modern techniques, reinforcement-stretching, contact dance, improvisation, jazz technique, acrobatics (and what else can fit in)


Part of the training is the movement portfolio, which is a technique for correcting entrapment, wrong directions, and a more complex understanding of movement.
We provide a home demonstration at the middle of the training year, and a stage practice at the end.
We help those who want to find a job in their preparation


The training fee is 100,000.- / training year. (30 hours / semester + presentations)



Luca Németh - modern techniques, movement portfolio, training leader

Szabó Vivien - classical ballet, floor bar

Flora Veres - contemporary techniques, contact, improvisation

Apply with a full-size photo CV (europass, maximum one page) and cover letter (Times New Roman maximum 2000 characters)

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