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Dancetination Tánctábor

A week of self-forgotten dance, music, and creation in safety and love!



Dancetination táncműhely tánciskola tábo
Dancetination Tanc tabor tanciskola tancmuhely112.jpg

Date: June 2022. 20-24.

Age group: 4 - 15 years

Place: Eötvös 10 Community and Cultural Scene

​Fee: 45000.- (10% sibling discount)

To apply, you need to register in our database manager. (MotiBro)

If you are camping with more than one child, please provide your own parental details when registering, and then you can log in on behalf of your children by selecting the option "to sign in on behalf of someone else" (jelentkezés más nevében). From here, you can switch between your own "athlete" and parent profile by clicking on the portrait silhouette in the upper right corner, so you can manage your kids profile.

After registration, you will find a class called "Táncol Tábor" in the"Bejelentkezés órára" menu. (This listed as one class, but is for the entire camp.)

We can also contact you through MotiBro for camp infos and further information.

Payment is possible in person at the camp manager.

What you will need: indoor shoes, sunscreen, outdoor climbing shoes, dance clothes, and shoes.
The camp starts at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. We start with breakfast, then dance classes, according to their age. After lunch, the li'l ones get a musical session at the playground, the older ones prepare for an etude during a workshop, which is presented at the end of the camp. After an afternoon snack we will have a Dance History video session parallel with arts and crafts for the littles.

You can find the gift video in the calendar on June 20 by clicking on the "Mozgás napló" menu.)

For more information contact the camp leader:

Luca Németh +36 30 397 6736

Táncol tábor Dancetination Tánciskola
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