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Online dance & yoga


for kids

Movement, play and joy

Christmas Spirits


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If you buy an Online Course now, we will surprise you with the audiobook version of the genius children's book Pál Békés - Doctor Minorka's Great Day of Vidor!

GIVE the Course as a GIFT and download the virtual or printable GIFT CARD!

One video per week, available for the whole week.

The sessions are built on each other.

Through MotiBro, you can take the entire course online from applying to payment.

From anywhere in the world

Flexible schedule

Beautiful quality videos recorded in a studio environment

Please note that the courses are in Hungarian!

Kindergarten dance

  • For 3-6 year olds

  • Two separate six week courses

  • A fabulous dance session with playful tasks

  • School preparatory and movement development exercises

  • Foundation of dance technique

  • Playfully, positively, with the love

  • You can only apply for the second six times after completing the first six.

School dance and additional training

  • For 7-12-year-olds

  • Eight week course

  • Dance with playful tasks

  • Muscle and endurance development

  • Strengthening and stretching

  • Movement and Dance Technology Development

  • It gives stand, strength and nice movement

  • Synchronized swimmer, gymnast, dancer
    additional training

Children in Yoga Class

Kids yoga

  • For 4-11 year olds

  • Seven-week course

  • Fabulous yoga sessions with story telling

  • Cognitive and movement developmental exercises

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Increases self-confidence

  • Motivates playfully, positively

Price: 10 000.-

First turn: October 7.

If you have further questions:

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