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Light - dance, Circus, flexible implementation, for festivals, events


Imagine a huge canvas painted with light.

Now imagine the huge screen moving and "dancing" the projection.

This project is a rethinking of the “canvas” where the two-dimensional surface comes to life, dances and opens up a new visual dimension to light painting. Each device is its own invention, the large white surfaces clearly show the light-painted forms, while the movements of the dance initiate the spectacle as a continuous variable, modifying the dimensions, creating a new connection between the light and its viewer. The projected image takes on a new meaning, the colors come to life, the forms are given depth, all culminating in the aesthetics and spectacle of the dance, about to capture the colors in motion.


Dance, circus, stilts, acrobats

The fusion of the circus with the art of movement.

Its specialty is stilt acrobatics and the huge Isis wing.

An interactive performance that communicates with the audience, in which successive marches catch the eye and dazzle the senses.

The daytime circus advances into a fire show in the evening, where our performing artists literally play with fire.


A Brief History of the Earth, Light Dance

Earth is the third planet from the sun. It is the only known planet that has an atmosphere with free oxygen, ocean-sized waters and, most importantly, life on its surface. If we map his long and exciting story to twenty-four hours, one's presence can be made in about a second.

The piece presents the history of the Earth, accompanied by visual impressions, carefully raising the question: what will happen tomorrow?

Luca Németh - motion, concept
Balázs Latorczai - visual, sound
Narrator - Benjamin Chen

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For Schools, Kindergartens, Theaters, Festivals


The classic dance house that dances everyone, moves the crowd and creates an atmosphere.


During a magical journey around the Earth, the children learn about the dances of different peoples and then everyone can dance their own dance.

  • Folk dance

  • Hip-hop

  • Country

  • Polka

  • Free dance


Length: 45 minutes
Optimal number of children: 20-100



A tale is told, each part of which is accompanied by movements. Each child automatically dances the story together with the appropriate suggestiveness. Everyone wants to be a lumberjack and a shepherd, princess and fox herding wild game in the depths of the forest or a fairy, leprechaun, goblin, witch.

The tale can be about anything the event requires:

  • Start of the school year: Autumn adventure

  • Christmas: nutcracker, holle mother

  • End of school year: Sea adventure

  • The four seasons

  • We also make requested tales and themes

Optimal length: 15-30 minutes

Optimal number of children: 10-50


Interactive fairy tale dance about the relationship between nature and man.


Optimal number of children: 10-100

Length: 45-60 minutes


"Long ago, when nature was still young, the heavens were just being born and the rivers were clear and fresh, then Man was also born. Nature and Man were torn apart over time and Man began to forget.

Nature also became sad, but he did not forget. He felt sorry for the man, but he also felt sorry for the running out forests, the animals left behind, the polluted waters. That's why he created the Dancing Fairy, who teaches man to dance again, to feel his body, to pay attention, to see happiness around him. "

For prices and options, please contact us!

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